A character denotes uppercase letters A to Z, lowercase letters a to z, digits 0 to 9 and special symbols.

Character set

Execution Character set

These are also called as Escape Sequences.

Character Escape Sequence ASCII Value Result
Bell (Alert) \a 007 Beep Sound
Backspace \b 008 Moves previous position
Horizontal tab \t 009 Moves next horizontal tab
Vertical tab \v 011 Moves next vertical tab
New line \n 010 Moves next line
Form feed \f 012 Moves initial position of next page
Carriage return \r 013 Moves beginning of the line
Quotation mark \" 034 Double quotes
Apostrophe \' 039 Apostrophe
Question mark \? 063 Question mark
Back Slash \\ 092 Back slash
Null \0 000 Null

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